AIM Vision® is a manufacturing solution that focuses on repetitive and automotive supplier needs.  It is a proven automotive solution.  AIM Computer Solutions has been servicing the repetitive automotive supplier community for over 19 years, as unique and demanding niche marketplace.  Within this niche community, AIM is well known with close affiliations to the Automotive Industry Action Group, the Precision Metalforming Association, and other repetitive and supplier centric organizations.

The AIM Vision family of products services several levels of the repetitive automotive supplier community.

For larger users with Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics NAV installed, AutoSys is the Demand Management Automotive Release Management tool of choice, providing EDI translations delivered with complete Mapping, Release Accounting Orders, Demand Smoothing, integrated Bar Code Labeling (AIAG), Shipping & Bar Coded Shippers and Inventory Control.  It features the following:
- AIAG Certified for EDI Compliance, compliant with X.12 and EDIFACT Standards
- Automotive Supply Chain Management
- In Line Vehicle Sequencing (ILVVS) EDI
- Serial / Lot / Kanban Drill Down
- Complete Release and CUM Accounting
- Integrated Shipping / Billing / ASN generation
- Shipping Lineup and Dock Logisitcs
- Visual Shipment Dispatcher
- Returnable / Expendable Container Tracking
- EDI Alerts
- Retro-billing Management

For smaller users who require workflow based manufacturing   operation by operation level Standard Costs, Scrap Accounting, and a PO blanket releasing capability, additional AIM Vision systems are used in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Classic Repetitve Manufacturing components of AIM Vision include:Production Scheduling, MRP, CRP, S&OP, Production Control, Scrap Accounting, Labor Efficiency, Lot Control, Outside Processing Tracking, Purchasing, Bar Code PO Receiving, Preproduction Management, Manufacturing (Standard) Costing and Sales Analysis.
AIM MES provides for barcode based material and container flow of raw material, semi finished goods, and finished goods inventory, as work in process travels inside and outside [outside processors] of the plant.  In addition, it creates the framework for barcode based production entry, and a selection of inventory auditing and accounting selections.  Specialized modules include plant floor capture of Scrap, Labor and Container Tracking, Warehouse Tracking and a range of reports that provide visibility into man, material and machine movement and utilization.  AIM’s MES allows customers to attack waste on the production floor and drive the philosophy of Lean Manufacturing into their daily production habits.

AIM Vision® has interface points for Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables and General Ledger into Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.