American Innovative Products, Inc. provides a variety of services to entrepeneurs, small businesses and new businesses.  Our Staff has over 200 years experience in:

1) Manufacturing Resources (helping you find the right manufacturer for your project;

2) Product Development (everything from engineering to retail placement - we look for the most cost efficient way for you to get your product to market)

3)  New Products (AIP develops and markets our own line of consumer and industry products)

4)   Consulting (we have expertise in all areas of business development and product development)

5)  Patent Infringement and Patent Monetization Services (has your patent been infringed on or do you need to monetize your patent - we can help)

We believe in helping you accomplish your goals in the most cost efficient way possible.  We review every request we receive and only accept 5-10% of them.  Our belief is that personal service and attention to detail will help you succeed and enable us to maintain our high standards of service and accessibility.