AirHubApp envisions to become a market leader in providing digital services in the form of mobile data via email eradicating the need for outdated SIM cards. With eSIM technology on the rise it will be the next and upcoming standard for mobile data consumption offering liberty and freedom from SIM usage. Following the trend, we have created a Global Technology Marketplace to buy and sell mobile services to avail voice and data benefits. This will help fragment and organize the current structure of otherwise complicated telecom industry.

We would like to help the travelers who are faced with painstaking situation of challenges with Wifi, availability, taking caring of SIM card which otherwise has a chance of getting lost besides ending up with roaming bill to make a hole in the pocket. AirHub thus wants to find out the best roaming options for the travelers to avoid undue stress and inconvenience caused.
Our objective is to allow ease of smooth connectivity anywhere leaving undue stress and pain.

With this effort of ours, we will enable the telecom industry to operate with new standards thereby taking opportunities generated by the new digital trends.