AirOne Jets Private Charter is one of the fastest growing private Jet service company in the World, AirOne Jets provide you with the safe , discreet and exclusively way to fly through out the World. At AirOne Jets ,we know you do not compromise on quality neither do we.
AirOne Jets offers you a private jet charter flight that couldn't be easier to plan or more cost effective. We believe that  our business have established an expected level of service and quality aircraft that every client deserves. AirOne Jets gives private flyer's the ability to gain that same level of aircraft perfection, coupled with the same platinum rated safety qualifications demanded by flyer's at a cost that makes CFO's believe, there is no other way for a highly productive executive to fly.

Time is money, concentration is key and with industries becoming more and more competitive, corporations need every bit of production out of their team. AirOne Jets is making it more and more affordable to keep corporations in the sky.

We work with the most reputable FAA certified aircraft and Pilots to provide our customer with Wyvern Pass and ARG/US Platinum and safety rated aircraft.