Introducing the next generation of mobile air compressor systems: the world's first diesel powered compact air compressor units.  After decades of research and testing, Airworks Compressors Corp has created a mobile or truck mounted diesel air compressor unparalleled in today's market.  From its extensive applications, compact size, fuel efficiency, cost savings and high performance, the Twister series air compressors are designed to meet all of our customer needs.  

Airworks Compressors Corp. is the environmental advantage.  The units are all Tier 4 certified and help to decrease your carbon footprint and conserve valuable fossil fuels while satisfying all municipal anti-idle laws.

The benefits of choosing any of the Twister Series compressors are numerous.  Twisters reduce chassis idle time and since they’re lightweight, they are easy to transfer.  The Twister Series compressors also have a Diablo option which is a smaller version but with the same output capacity for those even tighter spaces.   The Twisters also have multiple options including generators, hydraulic booster pak, helicopter lift package etc.

The Twister Series range from 40 cfm to 185 cfm.  The Twister Series also has a hybrid version available in 100 cfm called the Twister T100 Hybrid.  It uses a 4 fuel blend of CNG/propane and/or gasoline/E85.  The cleaner burning fuel extends engine life and the dual fuel source is available at the flip of a switch.

Airworks also has a hydraulic unit available called the Vortex Hyper Pak.  The Vortex is lightweight, easy to transport; has power levels to satisfy all hydraulic requirements and replaces traditional PTO (power take off).  The Vortex is the world's first diesel powered compact hydraulic power unit designed for truck mount or stand alone.