AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) is one of the leading companies in manufacturing adhesives, coatings and materials for semiconductor and microelectronic applications. AIT has its manufacturing and R&D center located in its Princeton Junction NJ headquarters. AIT also works with equipment for wafer lamination and adhesive dispensing for specialized applications.

AIT also has distribution and offices in Shenzhen/China and representative worldwide in selling its products. The following are representatives of its product offering:
1. Electrically and/or thermally conductive die-attach paste adhesives
2. Electrically and/or thermally conductive die-attach film adhesives
3. Tacky film adhesives for electrical and/or thermal applications
4. Wafer Processing Adhesives: high temperature film and spin-coating adhesives
5. Wafer and substrate backgrinding adhesives: UV releasing, heat releasing and controlled peel releasing
6. High temperature dicing tapes
7. Conformal coatings: moisture, salt-fog and salt-spray resistant, and acid rain resistant
8. UV Protective Transparent Coatings
9. Component and substrate attach film and paste adhesives
10. Flexible adhesives for large area substrate attach
11. Thermal and/or electrical conductive interface greases and gels
12. Thermal and/or electrical conductive interface and compressible pads  
13. Component level hyper conductive EMI/RFI shielding coatings
14. Electrically conductive coatings, greases, gels and adhesive for EMI/RFI shielding