The AJ Team is a Northern Virginia Real Estate team, comprised of a team of specialists, not generalists. We KNOW Northern Virginia real estate, and we are smart enough to know that it takes a team to win a championship, and that championship is helping you buy or sell your home.
    Each person in our team does the ONE thing that (s)he is very, very good at and is directly responsible for that and nothing else.
    Our buyers agent helps you determine the right home and negotiates on your behalf. He uses the expert administrative team to ensure your transaction is seamless and that you are protected and secure throughout the transaction.
    Our sellers agents gets your home marketed and sold at the right time, for the right price, and with your necessary convenience in mind.He also uses the administrative team to efficiently handle all of the paperwork and processes to ensure that you are secure, protected, and at ease.
    The transaction coordinator manages the administative team and makes sure that all systems run efficiently and effectively. The AJ Team wants the best for you, and the systems is where we make sure you remain secure and get what you need.
   The marketing manager works tirelessly to promote your home and get it in front of as many ready, searching buyers as possible.
   So when you choose to hire someone to represent you in your very important real estate sale or purchase, make sure you don't just choose a real estate agent, choose a TEAM, the AJ Team. We KNOW NOVA, and we can get you what you need. You have the dream; we have the address. Contact the AJ Team.

Call: 703-562-1820
Email: Info@ajteamrealty.com