At AKA Etc. or A Knowledgeable Approach™ our primary focus is to support Entrepreneurs’ that are pursuing VC Funding by contributing to the process in their business growth & development while providing an insight to the desire of Capital Investment Funding and Mergers & Acquisition requirements.

Our experience includes a variety of Industries with a proven track record in both the Management and Acquisition of Retail, Software, Utility, Solar, Cable/Telecomm, IT and other service companies throughout the United States, in addition we also have an extended relationship with VC Groups that trust and allow us to participate in the fundamentals of Due Diligence.

Our process also includes forging relationship by securing Joint Venture and Right of Entry Agreements in effort to specifically target a demographic group, establish a new customer base, increase royalties or generate a new revenue stream.

Our mission is to provide service with integrity  and  "A Knowledgeable Approach" on behalf of Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and/or Private Companies.

* Business Valuation * Financial Restructuring * VC Negotiatiating & Strategies * Internal Audit & Reviews * Due Diligence Evaluation * Cash Flow Management * Revenue Forecast & Planning * Product/Service Expansion * Business Plan Evaluation
* Internal Controls Review * Procedure Development * Compliance Testing and Organization & Structure


Telecommunications, Construction, Retail/Catalog, IT/Pro, Architectual & Engineering, Solar/Renewable Energy, Call Center, Real Estate, Property Mgmt, Film/Television, Vineyards, Athletes, Celebrities, Tabacco, Casino & Insurance


1)      Review of primary operations to confirm or determine if the company functions with the vision, structure and status as described/intended by its founder(s) and according to its most recent business plan.

2)     Review areas of potential revenue sources and/or locate potential for additional value that can be targeted by improving its current operations.                                       *Please see “AKA Sources of Revenue” identified and/or generated for Client’s ( 2.a below)

3)     Review operational risks that cause concern for potential Investor, J.V. or V.C. opportunities.  Identify any serious concerns and recommend appropriate specialist or counsel for proper resolution (if necessary).

4)     Meet with Client to review and discuss results; formulate action plan, achievable timeline and requirements suitable to match Client’s needs.                                            *Please see “AKA Actual Services” provided to Client’s by AKA Etc.