Global Digital Receipt Solutions Inc. ("GDRS"), incorporated in August 2009, is a provider of cloud computing applications. The Company provides bookkeeping software, distance logging software, and customer relationship management software to businesses worldwide.GDRS offers its services to businesses of all sizes through its flagship product Akornsoft. Cloud computing refers to the use of Internet-based computing, storage and connectivity technology for a variety of different services. GDRS designed and developed its offering to ensure simplicity, availability and manageability, and delivers its service through web browsers and mobile devices. It markets its service to businesses on a subscription basis, primarily through its direct sales efforts and indirectly through partners.

GDRS’s applications help record, track, manage, analyze and share information regarding purchases, driving, sales and operations. During fiscal 2009, GDRS introduced Akornsoft Akorn along with a BlackBerry® Application (released on the BlackBerry® App Store in Fiscal 2010) to ensure easy collection/recording of data while on the road. In Fiscal 2010 the company added Akorn for the iPhone through iTunes®. GDRS’s mobile offering has now expanded to a second version of the application for the BlackBerry® device. During fiscal 2012 the company has introduced its Customer Relationship Management software Akorn CRM, Akorn Assistant, a pay per use system to analyze and record receipt information, as well as Akorn Invoice.

The company’s array of services enable customers and subscribers to record, store, analyze, share, and act upon business data and to help businesses manage receipts, track sales leads and evaluate spending habits. Its services are primarily marketed under the Akornsoft brand.

As of January 31, 2011, GDRS offered Akorn, its principal service edition. Future edition with additional functionality will require the integration of a number of editions.

GDRS offers consulting, implementation and training services to its customers to facilitate the adoption of its cloud computing application and platform services. Consulting services consist of services, such as business process mapping, project management services and guidance in using its service. Implementation services include systems integration, technical architecture and development, configuration and data conversion, as well as developing and delivering customized education programs for its customers.