Madras Joint Replacement center                                            

Restoring mobility & flexibility
The Madras Joint Replacement Center (MJRC) is a physician centric association for orthopedic surgery in Chennai, India.  A dedicated team of orthopedic surgeons, anesthetists and rehabilitation experts ensure a high quality outcome after joint replacement. Our surgeons have undergone extensive training in India & the UK. They perform primary and revision joint replacements of both upper & lower limbs. Our Anesthetists are proficient in regional & general anesthesia.
Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam is the chief Orthopedic surgeon of MJRC. He possesses post graduate qualifications from India & the UK. He trained in some of the best centers for joint replacements in the UK. Additionally, he has visited centers of excellence in other countries.  His interests are primary & revision joint replacement of knee, hip & shoulder. He also performs hip & shoulder resurfacing. Shoulder & knee arthroscopic surgery and autologous cartilage cell implantation are other interests.  
Other experts on our panel are proficient in revision hip replacements. Our surgeons perform about 200 joint replacements per year. A sizeable portion of our patients have come from the US, Canada, UK, Africa, Middle East and Australia.
We utilize the infra-structure & facilities of top class hospitals to perform our surgeries. The super specialty hospital is a part of the Chettinad Health City. Operating rooms with guided laminar systems ensure a safe outcome after joint replacement surgery. Chettinad University has NAAC accreditation and the laboratory services have NABL accreditation.  The super specialty hospital is moving toward NABH accreditation.
Our services are designed to offer a door to door solution for international patients. These include receiving medical histories, evaluations, video conferencing, airport shuttle service, and logistics management.  A dedicated international patient coordinator oversees a smooth patient flow in hospital.
We embrace ethics, efficiency and innovation as corner stones of our work. We ensure a smooth doctor patient relationship. Your valuable dollars will reach the actual personnel providing for your care in the hospital rather than a booking agent or a shareholder.  Our patients thus get the most “Bang for their Buck.”  More information is available at www.kneeindia.com and www.hipsurgery.in.