Founded in 2006 by Peyton Carr, AKVM Construction Group provides residential and commercial property owners with value and performance in the range of construction services we perform. AKVM serves Sarasota, Manatee and Hillsborough counties in Florida.

"We are proud to provide quality construction solutions at a fair price to residential and commercial clients throughout Sarasota, Manatee & Hillsborough Counties,” states Carr.

Peyton believes that the way to build better is to first build a team of exceptional employees that take pride in their work and demonstrate real integrity. AKVM seeks out and maintains a group of intelligent, hardworking individuals who truly take pride in delivering quality outcomes to our Florida customers. He pays them well and shows them the respect they deserve by providing them with the finest training, equipment and safety gear money can buy. Under Peyton’s leadership, AKVM’s people work harder, smarter, and safer than our competitors, and complete every project with the highest standard of quality.

As AKVM Construction Group's leader and visionary, Peyton has created an entirely new level of professionalism in the construction business. Our commitment to working harder and smarter than our competition allows AKVM to deliver excellence in all aspects of the project.

AKVM guarantees quality results, every time, for every client.