“It’s an exciting time. New Technology has given us new things to see, new things to do and new ways to do and new ways to be entertained. The only constant in life is change. That’s why we are totally commited to 360 thinking. There are so many more ways to build a brand and develop a relationship with the consumer. At alPunto we work across all media to surround the cosumer and get our clients’ message across, from television, radio and print,to direct mail, the web and mobile marketing. Our experience spans all these tools as we seek the most cost-effective way to reach consumers, general market and Hispanic, And yet some things at al Punto remained unchanged. The importance of the big idea, the desire fro freshness and innovation and most of all, the need to really understand what goes on in the minds and life of the consumer. It’s no coincidence, then, that alPunto is based in the Los Angeles area. California has always been a land of new and different thinkinkg, and being the largest Hispanic market in the United States, Southern California is a place where cultures mix and thrive together. But we’ve saved the best for last, the team at alPunto. Come and find out more about the people who work here- who they are, what they do, and most importantly, what makes them think differently.”