The Alabama Concerned Homeowners Alliance (ACHA), a grassroots organization created to act as a voice for homeowners in communities governed by Homeowner Associations (HOA’s) and Community Covenants and Restrictions (CCRs). Its goal is to identify issues facing purchasers and homeowners and assist in developing possible disclosure, accountability and protective solutions to relay to legislators, the Alabama Real Estate Commission, Multiple Listing Services and other professional organizations. Its ultimate goal is the enactment of reasonable but effective protection for new purchasers and current homeowners for the largest investment most of them will make in their lifetime. Further, it is their intention to promote consumer confidence, and increase property sales, a win-win for all parties involved.

To learn more about promoting disclosure and transparency in your community, visit the Alabama Concerned Homeowners Alliance website at www.alabamahoa.org, contact them by e-mail at acha@knology.net or by phone at (256) 829-8774.