Alacom Finance is a private, not -for-profit corporation working in the public interest to provide financing, management consultation, and related services to For-Profit Businesses across the South East. Founded as Alabama Community Development Corporation in 1981, Alacom Finance is an economic development lender, certified by the federal government to provide Title V Loans.

Alacom Finance is entirely self-supporting and does not accept operating funds from any city, county, or state agency. Our funding comes from statutory fees associated with the loan programs we administer, consultation fees with individuals and local governments, and management contracts associated with various municipal economic development projects.
A twenty-six member governing body chosen from four categories oversees our operation:

business leaders
private sector lenders
community organizations
business organizations

Alacom Finance is one of the Southeast’s lending providers of economic development money through the SBA 504 Loan Program with approvals exceeding $1 billion.

In addition to providing and servicing the SBA 504 Loan, we also offer expertise in many other programs, and are known nationally for structuring innovative loan packages for businesses. Some of the financial tools we offer include:

Packaging of the 7(a) Loan
Secondary Market Assistance & Sales
Export/Import Loans
USDA Business & Industry Loans
Special Purpose Financing
Non Recourse Loan Assistance
Economic Development Assistance
Business Management Consulting
Commercial Development
Multi-Tenant Residential
Purchase of Business Notes, Owner Held Notes, life insurance equity and one time settlements

Referrals to: Bankers, Non-Banker Lenders, CPA’s, Attorneys, Factors, Equipment Leasing, Purchase Order/ Contract Sales Financing, And State, County, Local Economic Development Programs, etc…….