Alain Briot is the author of the best selling books Mastering Landscape Photography,Mastering Composition, Creativity and Personal Style,Marketing Fine Art Photography, and How Photographs are Sold. Alain's books are published by Rocky Nook and are available in all bookstores online and brick and mortar.

Originally from France, Alain started by studying Fine Art, painting and drawing, at the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris.  After graduating Alain studied photography at the American Center, also in Paris, under the tutalage of Scott McLeay.  Alain also studied photography with Al Weber in the United States.

Alain received his Bachelor and Master's degrees from Northern Arizona University (NAU) in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Alain worked on his PhD at Michigan Tecnhological University (MTU) in Houghton, Michigan, and is currently ABD.  Alain's studies focused on visual theory and rhetoric.  During his university studies Alain taught Freshman English, Technical Writing, Chemical Photography and Digital Photography, both at NAU and MTU, during his tenure as a graduate Teaching Assistant, for a total of 5 years.

After completing his studies Alain decided to make a living doing what he loved instead of pursuing a career in academia. Alain started his photography business in 1997.  Alain sold his fine art photographs at the El Tovar Hotel, in Grand Canyon National Park for 5 years.  His work was purchased by tens of thousands of visitors and collectors from all over the world.  

Following his business success at Grand Canyon National Park, Alain moved to Glendale, Arizona where he opened a home gallery and studio.  While continuing to sell his fine art photographs, Alain also started to offer photography workshops, Mastery DVD tutorials and one on one consulting and mentoring.  

Alain teaches his workshops together with his wife Natalie.  Alain and Natalie Briot's workshop program is now in its 12th year.  Through this program Alain and Natlie have been able to help thousands of students reach the next step with their work by improving the composition and print quality of their photographs, and by learning how to make a living with their work.

Alain and Natalie's vision for their teaching is to enable their students to reach their full potential and create work that they are proud to share with others.  To reach this goal Alain and Natalie focus not only on composition and printing but also on helping students develop a personal style and express their artistic vision.

Both in their teaching and ingthe creationg of their artwork, Alain and Natalie place the emphasis on quality rather than quantity.  Their goal is to create and help their students create the finest artwork they can.  Alain and Natalie believe that anyone can learn how to create world-class art, provided they follow their advice and focus their energy, time and resources to reaching this goal.  

Alain Briot