AldoMedia began years ago in 1999, when a student named Aldo Giammusso decided it was time to create a website design business. Through years of working on the internet and managing small internet start-ups in the Buffalo area, he learned extensive website design and marketing techniques. Working as a web site manager/designer out of an upstairs bedroom in his parents house, he learned newly implemented technological environments at the University at Buffalo. Aldo gained his confidence to begin a career in Web Site Designing and Marketing very quickly and wanted to use his knowledge to help others.

Now in 2016 AldoMedia has become one of the most highly innovative and affordable web site companies in the Western New York area. We take pride in not only developing professional quality web design, but we make your web site with search engine optimization in mind. We manage a large number web sites for many E-Businesses across the world. We continue to keep up to date with the Internet Technology field and are constantly upgrading our software and hardware to provide our customers with the best possible services.

Our search engine optimization here in Buffalo, New York has given our customers top rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

AldoMedia is dedicated to excellence and strives to provide the highest quality web services for its clients around the world.