About us:
We have made it easier and more affordable for you to purchase premium custom tailored menswear. All the hard work has been done to provide you with a user friendly online interface through which you can completely customize a tailored suit or tailored shirt from top to bottom, allowing you to express your individuality.
The fabrics we use for our suits and shirts are the best in the world and are sourced from the most reputable mills all over Europe and the UK, ensuring that you end up with the most premium quality finished product.
Our suits and shirts are hand made to provide the highest quality down to the last detail.

Our Shirt Fabrics:
We only use pure wool shirt fabrics of different ply, weaves, colors and patterns in the construction of our tailored shirts. Our shirts have stiffened, fused collars and cuffs, mother of pearl buttons and no harmful chemical treatment is used.

Our Suit Fabrics:
We only use pure wool, wool and cashmere blends, wool and silk blends or wool and mohair blends for the construction of our tailored suits. This is backed up by half-canvassed, horsehair jacket construction, Cupro Bemberg suit lining, German shoulder pads, horn or corozzo suit buttons, jacket sweat shields, rubberized waistband strips and trouser heel guards. Our suit fabrics range from super 110's to super 150's.

Custom Shirts:
For those of you with attention to detail and who want to be unique, we provide a vast offering of custom shirt design choices so that you can make your own completely custom shirt. These include shirt collar design, shirt placket design, shirt shape, shirt fit, shirt cuff, shirt pocket and shirt back structure.
We also offer free custom shirt monogramming, contrasting collars and contrasting cuffs and supply collar stays. On the other hand, we have provided default design options based on the latest trends for those of you who aren't as picky or would like us to suggest a custom shirt design for you.

Custom Suits:
Our offering of custom suit design options is extensive to provide you with the ability to make a truly personalized, custom tailored suit. This includes design options for suit jacket lapel, suit jacket vents, suit jacket pockets, suit jacket boutonniere, suit jacket sleeve buttons, suit jacket stance (including double breasted suit jacket options), suit jacket lining color and pattern, suit trouser pocket and pleat options, suit trouser cuffs as well as optional suit vest design options.
Some other optional suit design features that we offer include suspender buttons, ipad mini pocket, pen pocket, pick stitching and suit jacket monogram.
We also have default, set custom suit designs that you can chose which we have suggested based on current trends and versatility for those who wish to take our advice and prefer express checkout.

Impeccable Fit Guarantee:
Every custom shirt and custom suit comes with the promise of complete satisfaction. If there is anything about your custom shirt or custom suit that you do not like, we will work hard to rectify the problem. In cases where some simple alterations can solve the issue, we will provide a credit for the amount of the alterations. We offer custom suit credits of up to US$75.00 and custom shirt credits of up to US$25.00. If however the custom suit or custom shirt cannot be repaired, we offer returns and remakes for those who qualify.
Please see aleksandjoel.com/pages/impeccable-fit-guarantee for more info.

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