Fast alerts, Smart response.
Alertee Pty Ltd is a telecommunications company that enables our clients and telecommunication providers to offer self monitoring services for diverse area's such as home and office security alarms, building services such as lifts, air conditioning and alike, industrial monitoring of any SCADA programmed equipment which is the predominant protocol across the world for industrial equipment. After hours service numbers and push conference calls are also part of the Alertee service.  

Alertee offers every account a unique phone number for users to manage via the web. When an event or alert occurs, Alertee will call the nominated phone numbers in the account into an immediate conference call. Account administrators can manage this for the first time via the web. All events, calls and messages are tracked and reported for a full audit function.

Alertee is unique in having a plug in billing system for telecommunications companies so the traditional billing models can be thrown out the window. The future of convergence for security, building and industrial serviced into the telecommunications field is brought to you by Alertee.