Shepper is a UK based company that performs on-demand tailored data collection & operational activities for businesses all over the world via their network of trusted local people called “Shepherds”.

Shepper was founded in late 2016 by serial entrepreneurs Carl August Ameln, Ben Prouty (previously behind disruptive start-ups Streetcar and Lovespace) and Jan Vanhoutte. In 2018 Shepper raised $5.4M in Series A funding, led by Aviva Ventures, Norway’s Idekapital and Angel investors.

Shepper’s purpose has always been to help businesses take care of your assets, in the smartest way possible, working within a variety of industries including retail, media, property, transport, financial services and utilities. Shepper uses their technology to mobilise their real world network, allowing a wide variety of businesses to check any asset, anytime, anywhere.

The power behind Shepper is underpinned by their proprietary tech stack, a stellar operations team that ensures all jobs are done to the highest standards.