Alex Vera is an artist that paints pop art with meanings and messages that are universal. He works mostly in acrylics, oils, mixed media, and oil pastels to create art that’s composed of bright, vivid colors and interesting subject matter.

Inspired by the tropics of Florida and the street culture of New York, he creates diverse works of art that appeals to the masses. Alex also uses semiotics in many works to keep that universal message alive because he feels that symbols being substituted for words is a language everyone can understand.

Alex Vera is inspired by the works of Keith Haring and Pablo Picasso mainly because of their colors and imagery but also for their works that include messages of social activism and energy. He hopes his art can one day cross the boundaries between popular culture and museums.

His works have been exhibited in Art Basel Miami 2011, Sleepless Nights Miami 2011, and can be found in galleries across the U.S.

From The Artist

I create art simply because nothing else in life has brought me happiness the way painting does. After going to college many times, changing majors after receiving degrees and never finding my place in the world – art is the only thing that makes sense in my life.

I create my art sometimes on the spur of the moment or after seeing something and being inspired by it, whether it’s an emotion or something physical. I like to paint with acrylic because the colors are so vivid and the texture is unique. When making art, I choose materials that tie in with the main subject. If I am painting a beach for example, I would incorporate sand. If I am painting a starry night, I would use glitter.

Art is an outlet that deals with birth, love, death, beliefs, rituals, heredity and what it means to be human. That’s exactly what art is, being human and expressing humanistic themes. I believe I am reflecting life struggles, happiness and even tragedies through my work and presenting them in a new light.