A new global retail store was launched on this Monday. The domain is Alfreeshipping.com, which suggests us that all items sold on this online store are free to ship, no matter where you are and how many items you order. We have to say it’s a so nice service.

When login to this website, you would see there are lots of beautiful, personalized and protective cell phone cases mainly listed. Yes, in its early business, alfreeshipping.com will sell cell phone cases/covers and phone protectors primarily. It will try its best to find the best, cheapest, and the most practical phone cases for all consumers.

“Many People would ask that, your business is so single, how can you keep your store survived?”, the CEO of Alfreeshipping said. “We will earn customers by our high quality goods and excellent service. If the customers need more service from us, we will also consider add more products on our online store. Except the cell phone cases, car charger, cell phone protector, earphones and iPhone self-timer are our choices too.”

Let’s take a view of the cases sold on alfreeshipping.com. From the navigation, we can see that all cases are classified by different devices. The current catalogs we can see are iPhone cases (including iPhone 5S/5 and iPhone 4S/4), iPad Cases (including iPad Air and iPad Mini), Samsung Cases (including S3, S4, S5 and Galaxy Note 3) and finally Amazon Kindle cases. The main style for most cases is simple and fashion design. And the main materials for those cases are Leather, PU, Silicone, PC and Metal. All these materials used are common used in this industry.

To celebrate its new launch, Alfreeshipping hold a big campaign in next half month. All cell phone cases are sold in a special price, which is up to 35% discount. I promise that you can’t any cheaper price for the same case. So if you are trying to find a suitable case for your smartphone, just come to alfreeshipping.com and buy one to protect your phone now!