AlgoSignal is an online subscription based technology firm that specializes in delivering various real-time trading tools and systems for the Forex, Equity and Metals markets. The development team is comprised of only Professional traders, programmers, economists and statisticians with over 35 years of combined trading experience within the Forex, Equity and Metals markets, both at the institutional and retail levels. This real world trading experience is the driving force behind our Flagship proprietary technology called QNTM™ (pronounced Quantum).

We at AlgoSignal, recognize that in today´s volatile markets, it´s virtually impossible for the average Trader or Investor to match up against the Institutional players who have already invested Billions of dollars into the systems and algorithms that stack the odds of profitability in their favor and diminish the chances of the individual trader. This is one of those secrets which many brokerage platforms fail to disclose and is also one of the reasons why up to 95% of all new traders entering the trading markets will lose most, if not all their investment capital and never return again.

AlgoSignal´s mission is to empower the Day Trader and Long Term Investor with the necessary tools to consistently profit in all trading markets. Remember, trading markets is a Zero Sum Business. For every winner, there must be a loser. Which one do you want to be?