At Alice & Ted, our goal is to make the world’s best sustainable & durable playwear for children.

We are the parents of two lively kids, Vincent-4 1/2 and Lilly 3. They are very energetic and we constantly drag them outdoors to play in the snow, in the forest, on the beach, in the garden etc. We got frustrated that none of their clothes withstood their games. It didn’t take long before they were torn or ripped. Also we were amazed with the poor fit of some clothes. A lot of them are designed to expose their lower back as soon as they are not standing at attention. We needed to find clothes for our kids to play in. We couldn’t find any.

We also want to question how things are done in the industry and to show customers another way, to challenge peoples ”buy and throw” culture. We are a small company and we are avoiding the big company systems of doing things. Mass production, lead-times, and the retail thinking made us realize that this is not how we want to do business and be in business.

We have worked in the outdoor apparel business for about a decade. Even though we have been part of fantastic products, it has always been a compromise between product quality and production price. Get a cheaper fabric, get rid of one pocket, we need to sell x amount to be able to get the price down.

We began to question and had to rethink the traditional cycles of development, production and distribution. We want to make honest products with no compromises. Get the best materials we can afford, work with the best manufacturers and the best suppliers, and all this in a sustainable manner. We want the customer to know where the product has been made and of what materials.

The fast paced mass production industry was not something we wanted to be a part of. Usually in all retail clothing companies most of the markup goes to the middlemen, the retailers, and to the big corporation that has to satisfy its shareholders. We want to put you, the end customer, first, before ourselves. We want to invest back in the company, making the best products possible.