I've been providing award-winning branding, graphic design, & marketing services since 2008. As Alicia Nagel Creative, I've served more than 100 clients across the US.

Design serves a purpose and a function—if it’s not believable, interesting, and relevant, then no one will be paying attention. Bringing this focus and natural story-telling know-how to the design world shaped me into the brand strategist and designer she is today. Brands are not created, they are discovered through research and in-depth questioning of company owner and customers—a belief that has led more than a couple clients to call me a “brand therapist.”

Projects result in a number of branding and marketing materials which may include a website, logo and visual brand identity, marketing materials, or an overall brand strategy. When not designing or leading companies through various brand strategies, Alicia donates her services to non-profits and organizations whom she believes in to help set them up for success.