Alireza Ezazil, Commonly known as SOGANG, is a Musician, Influencer, Youtuber, public figure, Artist, who live currently in OMAN, Sogang have accomplished more that 1M followers on Instagram and more than 250k on Youtube. He started at 2018. his contents contain Music, lifestyle, fashion, Reaction, Vlogs...

Alireza Sogang recently introduce a brand new clothing made by “Baha Group”. Baha is Sogang personal Brand, based in Oman.

SOGANG was a photographer in 2015 and he made lots of advertising Photos/videos for many companies, and he still working with most of them.

Affiliate streamer Twitch/YouTube 

Alireza started streaming in 2018 and that was great experience for him to make a content that made him having a close relationship with his audience.

in 2022 he released his first music, that was shocking for most of the people, now he have 6 music and now everyone know him as musician too

Alireza Achievements in 2022 :

“(1st) The most viewed and liked content in OMAN”

"8 millions views per month on Youtube”

“7 millions accounts reached per month on Instagram”