The Aliro Project is an open source project to create an advanced CMS framework for the building of web sites.  Aliro is a successor to the highly successful Mambo and a more technically advanced system than the widely deployed Joomla!.  

Aliro is distributed free under open source licences.  The core code is licensed under GPL2 although code that forms the basis for building 3rd party applications is licensed under LGPL2.  This choice of licensing means that 3rd parties can choose whether to use an open source model (which the Aliro project encourages) or to operate on a commercial basis.

The technology of Aliro is described in a book by Martin Brampton "PHP5 CMS Framework Development", published by Packt.  The book is a survey of the design considerations involved in the creation of a CMS.  Sample code is taken from the real life Aliro system.

Unlike much other CMS software, Aliro has been built from the ground up to fully utilise PHP5.  This gives it a superior object model and eliminates inefficiencies and design defects inherent in catering for PHP4.

Aliro is a registered trademark belonging to Aliro Software Limited, and the copyright in all code produced by the Aliro Project is also held by Aliro Software Limited.  The directors of Aliro Software are Martin Brampton, Jim Galley, Chad Auld and Cem Sen.

Information on Aliro can be found at the project web site, http://aliro.org.

For further information about Aliro please contact individuals:

Martin Brampton
+44 1751 458101 (office)
+44 7771 787010 (mobile)

Jim Galley
+00 631 265 7311 (office)