The International Analytical Review “ALITinform: Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures”

This is a unique specialized inter-sectorial periodical covering various aspects in the production of cement, concrete, dry building mixtures, providing a comprehensive outlook from a scientific and practical perspective.
Pages of this journal offer publications by leading Russian and foreign scientists, technologists and top managers, news from the stock exchange market and from research laboratories, latest elaborations by producers and suppliers of modern building materials and equipment. During the five years of its existence, the journal has won recognition among the experts and decision makers of the industry as a professional periodical thoroughly covering the subjects of building materials from the scientific and practical point of view. Content is published in Russian and English languages.
The publication is full-color, A4 format, volume 112 pages, periodicity is 6 issues a year (one issue is doubled), number of copies is 10,000.

The journal is distributed in all regions of Russia and abroad, among the professionals of the building industry through:

Contact details;
Subscription +7 (812) 380-65-72 sub@alitinform.ru;

Distributed at:

•     Specialized conferences, seminars, and meetings
•     Governmental and public building organizations and administrative bodies of the Russian cities
•     At all major exhibitions of Russia, CIS, and foreign countries.
The International Analytical Review “ALITinform: Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures” is also an organizer of the leading industry events in Russia:

Some of the upcoming events in 2014 are: International Construction Forum “Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures”, 2 – 4 Dec, Moscow.  The conferences will include the following.

“CemEnergy” Reducing energy consumption and СО2 emissions in the cement industry of fast developing economies” 2 – 3 Dec, Moscow
“BlockRead” Modern Technologies and Equipment for Precast Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Constructions, 2 – 4 Dec, Moscow
“Mixbuild” International Scientific Conference “Modern Technologies of Dry Mixtures in Construction, 2 – 4 Dec, Moscow

The company “AlitInform” is a member of:

•     Russian Union of Builders (Active work on monolithic housing)
•     Union of Russian cement producers (www.soyzcement.ru site is developed by our company, the “ALITinform” magazine publishes materials of Union)
•     Russian Association of Gypsum (more than once provided the platform for the annual meetings of the members of the association and held for members various workshops during the exhibition in Moscow)
•     Tunnel Association of Russia (every three years to conduct of the deputy chief engineer of subways and Russia and the CIS “The workshop services specialists subway tunnel construction for waterproofing of buildings”).