Alixandbob.com is a place to begin looking for whatever your heart desires for personal and for gifting ideas. The idea for the title of the webpage came as a guiding force from the universe (God to me) which said Shiny Red Shoes is a very good title. When anyone mentions those words in one sentence, you can bet that smiles are automatic! I love to make people happy, so the name is precious to me. After all, who doesn't like Shiny Red Shoes??

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Alixandbob.com is also a home for all-in-one shopping from items like DirectTV and Dish Network satellite systems to women's shoes, clothing, perfumes, costumes to ebooks and readers to major department stores like Amazon.com and Sears.ca and much more. This is an ever-expanding list of shopping sites that saves the customer so much time and money that it doesn't make sense to go to the mall anymore. Oops! What am I saying? That's where you go to touch, smell, and hold the over-priced items, and then quietly slip home to order them online! Right? You save even with the necessary shipping costs, which in many cases are free with a certain amount of dollars spent. Cool, huh?

Alixandbob.com is owned by a couple from Canada that have been in business for over 10 years including consulting and sales. Their names are - yes, you guessed it: Alix and Bob! Our heart's have been one for over 34 years and we desire to help people all around the world by sharing wealth that we create. Please be assured that tithing is in effect from all monies that we generate. This is very important to those who have become wanting in the world, especially the plight of women in all societies. For a fun internet experience and the chance to help the less fortunate, have a look at http://www.alixandbob.com.

Blessings and peace and love and joy to you and yours,
Alix and Bob.
June 11 2011