1- check the road markings to make sure that you can pass safely.
2- frequently scan that road ahead for hazards.
3- turn your signal light on to indicate your intention to move into your side .
4- check for traffic behind and around you by loocking into your reaview and side view mirrors.check for blind spots on multilane roads by looking over your shoulders.
5- when clear, move into your side lane . leave enough room for the vehicle you are overtacking .
6- accelerate but stay with the posted sbeed limit .
7- warn the driver ahead by tapping your horn lightly, or flushing your headlights at night.
8-once you have completed the overtaking maneuver, switch on yor signal to back if its safe .
10- after moving back into your side , turn off your signal lights.
11- never overtaking on hilltops or on curves when your view is obstructed. you should never overtake near intersection or attempt to overtake a long row of vehicles.
12-do not over take from the shoulder of tthe road