All About Alternatives is very passionate about getting correct and accurate information out to the public concerning alternatives to the status quo.  Health and Energy are the main issues.  The entrepreneur in us all, if it has not been suppressed for to long of time, just naturally wants to do things to improve our lives and the lives of others around us.  
Ron is very interested in giving people the know how,  and the understanding of what is needed to convert a car or pickup from gas to electric power.  There is lots of information on this topic that is just not complete or accurate.   Wind and Solar power are also areas where the how to, and understanding of current ways and technology needs to be out in the forefront.   These are  projects that can be done by individuals in  a simple and economical way if the right and complete information is put out for people to acquire.  

Health issues are also made to seem so complicated and complex.  We live in a world that just demands so much of us, that we just quickly, give in to what ever someone tells us is fact.  We all have so much knowledge at our fingertips these days, that we have to teach ourselves how to sort out the useful and helpful, from the convoluted.  

I want to get the right and correct facts out that people are looking for.