We have built a familial trust & a bond through our lifestyle magazine for the most special age group of people, that is, our Senior citizen. We have made it special in a way that it not only caters the issues people face at this point but how can they have fun and recreational activities at the same time. All About Seniors understand the health issues, the people of this age group might face and we strive to provide them with best of healthcare services available in India.

International Standard Treatments
We aim to help you find the healthcare facilities with highest quality treatments to patients. Our on panel hospitals are known for their effective treatment modalities with the touch of human care.

Overseas Consultation
We provide 24/7 support team of professionals which eases the query or questions you have and assist you in assessing and determining the right healthcare facility before you travel to India.

Pre-Arrival and On Arrival Services
From visa assistance to your arrival in India would be taken care of by our special team associated with concerned chosen hospital.

Post Treatment Follow Ups
Our relation does not end with your successful treatment in India but we act as an extended family to take lifelong care of you. We will provide full assistance for your Follow up consultation or visits after your treatment completion.