All Access networking, LLC (www.allaccessnetworking.com) buys and sells used and refurbished networking, telephony, telecom, and VOIP equipment from Dialogic, Cisco, Cantata, Excel, Audiocodes, and Quintum.

All Access Networking, LLC (www.allaccessnetworking.com) is one of the largest providers of used and refurbished networking technology in the world. We have in stock millions of dollars in Cisco, Audiocodes, Quintum, Dialogic, Cantata, and Excel switching gear that is available and ready to ship today!  If we don’t currently have in stock what you are looking for, we can find what you want – just ask and we will get it for you.

We buy and sell a large variety of used and refurbished telephony equipment. Please visit www.allaccessnetworking.com and send us your lists of used equipment you are looking to buy or surplus telephony equipment you wish to sell.

In addition to the significant cost saving you get from purchasing our used and refurbished Dialogic, Cantata, Excel, Cisco, Audiocodes, and Quintum products, you can lower your total cost of ownership by using our products as part of your "spares" strategy instead of paying ridiculous dollars for telephony hardware maintenance agreements.

Also, you can reclaim your investment in your current telephony hardware by selling it back to us or trading it in with your next product purchase!

Lastly, go green by buying and selling used telephony networking gear. It's not only good for your budget but it's also good for the environment!