Allegiance Capital Corporation is a premier private investment bank built with the same entrepreneurial tenacity our clients unleashed to create their own successful businesses.

Our drive and "can-do" spirit separates us from most investment banks. We've personally experienced many of the same challenges business owners face on a daily basis. We take this operational experience, then combine it with financial acumen and relentless hard work to deliver financial results beyond your expectations.

Through its global network, Allegiance Capital assists companies in every aspect of selling and financing a business, including: debt restructuring, mezzanine financing, executing leveraged buyouts, strategic partnering, consulting and other related services.
Allegiance Capital and our team of bankers have collectively advised on over 200 private and public transactions with an aggregate value of more than $20 billion. More than two-thirds of our transactions have occurred between $25 million and $100 million in value.