Alldifferenttalents is a talent advertising website for singers, songwriters, and musicians.

Absolutely anyone, who sings and writes their own songs/music, can advertise with Alldifferenttalents for one full year, for a small fee of £25.00.

All advertisements are 3000 x 3000 pixels and contain a small profile picture of the artist, a short bio of their aspirations and a video/voice recording showcasing the artist's singing using their own song/music.

Advertisements stay on the website for one full year and the Alldifferenttalents team correspond with artists, on an ongoing basis, as and when enquiries are received from interested parties/individuals.

The Alldifferenttalents team also continue to work on promoting, growing and developing the website on an ongoing basis thus aiming to get artists as much exposure and recognition as possible.

Alldifferenttalents is currently only in its infancy, however, it aims to grow and develop over time by marketing, promoting and gaining worldwide exposure for all artists.