Jordan has many beautiful and interesting handicraft traditions that represent the country’s unique culture and history. Handicrafts produced in Jordan are varied and include: mosaics, ceramics, weaving & textiles, natural products, jewelry & accessories, home decorative items, and wood products. It is well known that this sector provides significant income generating opportunities for many Jordanian women and men. Locally produced handicrafts have a significant impact on local communities economies, and more specifically for women living in those local communities who would otherwise not be able to generate income.

At allfromjordan.com we select the finest handicrafts and related products that Jordan has to offer, with an uncompromising keeness for quality and good workmanship, while keeping an eye on the larger mantra of helping the lives or Jordanian artisans and craftspersons across the board.  Although Dead Sea products are not handicrafts items, but they are one of the many related products Jordan has to offer as well, so they were included in our store. All we do is Jordanian, and we hope that you will enjoy our collection. Welcome to Jordan and to our online store http://allfromjordan.com