AllianceCorp property investments take the guesswork out of property investment. Our expert term of property researchers saves you; time and labour from buying investment property or superannuation property in Melbourne.

Our property investment company is dedicated to developing long term alliances with our clients and our partners, based on relationships built on transparency, integrity and value for money. These values, and most importantly, trust, form the core of AllianceCorp’s business

If you’re looking to do any of the following, AllianceCorp can show you the way:

   Buy investment properties in high growth areas that achieve high rental yields: Discover our Australian investment property services.

   Buy cash flow positive properties to create mutliple streams of income: Our experts can find you the best investment properties in today’s market.

   Purchase your first home without making beginners’ mistakes: Our buyer’s advocates are on your side.

   Manage your property portfolio with a long-term growth plan: Our experienced portfolio managers and investment strategy experts can help.

   Invest in property using a self managed super fund: Our superannuation property experts will help you to secure your future.

   Boost the value of your Melbourne investment properties through renovations: Our investment property advice on renovations ensures you’re always ahead.

   Become an investment expert yourself: Our property seminars and Melbourne property investment tips and advice allow you to grow your own wings and take flight with property investment.