Alliance was founded with the strong desire and intent to create a more personal experience for the home loan process. Alliance's President, Jamie Korus, felt that as a woman, there had to be a way to ensure that each person was able to fulfill their goals of buying or refinancing a home and feel like it resulted in them truly living and not just residing. Jamie knew that in order to cause this effect, it had to start with the people at Alliance and the undertaking became to find the best people in the industry and create a family oriented business. This has allowed Alliance to create an exceptional culture within the organization whereby we can create relationships with our clients while we help to improve their lives because we focus on loan programs that truly fit the client's needs for each individual situation and actually take the time to manually review loan files to fully understand the uniqueness of each situation. Additionally, Jamie feels very strongly that in order to protect the best interest of our industry and Alliance's clients, Alliance must "have a seat at the table" in Washington, D.C where most of the decisions regarding our industry are made. Jamie is currently representing YOUR interests by participating in the MBA (Mortgage Banker's Association) by servicing on the Residential Board of Governors, the Mortgage Banker's Political Action Committee and the Membership Committee.