All Kinds of Sittin' is a sitter recruiting agency that matches sitters with families during their time of need.  

Imagine being pregnant and having someone there to rub your feet while you are in labor.  Are your children underfoot all the time and you just need some time to yourself?  Do you live in Las Vegas and need someone to come stay at your house while you are away on a business trip or vacation?  Don't forget about those fur babies.  If you are at work and can't get away on your lunch break and need someone to take your fur baby out for a short bathroom break and make sure they have plenty of water and food, then we can help.  All Kinds of Sittin can help with all of these needs.  

All Kinds of Sittin' recruits the following sitters nationwide: after school sitter, babysitter, date night sitter, dog walker, doula, event sitters, house sitter, mother's helper, nanny, overnight sitter, patient sitter, pet sitter, plant sitter, senior sitter, special needs sitter and tutor.

Most of our sitters will take a picture of your loved one or pet and send it to you daily along with a short report letting you know how they are doing.  This will help relieve your mind and let you know they are doing fine while you are away.

We have a "Pet of the Week" blog we write recognizing a clients pet(s) for the week. The blog will have a picture of the pet(s), tell the pet(s) name(s) as well as a little bit about the pet(s) and their owner(s). We get the pictures directly from our pet sitters/dog walkers daily. From those pictures, we will choose a pet to be the "Pet of the Week."

We have blogs on everything you can imagine!  Some of the different topics are:  How to conduct an interview, what each type of sitter is, what an Independent Contractor is, how to manage your taxes, different local businesses and what they do, if you are a client looking for a specific sitter, if you are a sitter looking for a specific client, how to set up a safe nursery, your baby's sleeping habits, toys for your newborn, things to do when a child is bored, caring for children with special needs, pet friendly places in Arkansas, why do you need pet insurance, pet name ideas, pet food recipes, our referral program and reasons to hire a doula just to name a few.

We offer 2 online courses.  One is a babysitting certification course where you will be certified at the end of the course.  The other is an educational class on how to become a house sitter.  There is no certificate at the end of this course.

All Kinds of Sittin' has books to help better our sitters and the books were written by the owner of All Kinds of Sittin' herself.  The books are a: babysitting handguide, coloring book, activities book, First Aid guide, CPR guide, and how to become a house sitter book.  We also have a book for new parents called "I Have a Newborn!  Now What Do I Do?!  

We have an online store where you can purchase coffee mugs, backpacks, tote bags, laptop covers, masks, tumblers, cell phone covers, T-shirts and baby dolls.

If you would like more information about our company, please go to allkindsofsittin.com and check us out. You can also reach Lori by phone 501-414-2493 or email at lori@allkindsofsittin.com