Hello and welcome, my name is Rebecca Walsh and I am an Authorised Marriage Celebrant. I am a young, caring, friendly marriage celebrant who is able to conduct very personalised weddings, baby-naming days, commitment ceremonies, renewal of vows, boat naming, pet funerals etc. I travel all over Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and even down to the Wollongong. It would give me great pleasure to assist you in creating a warm, friendly, meaningful, and memorable ceremony. I will pay attention to every detail in your ceremony with all of your dreams coming true. I am a full time professional Marriage Celebrant in Australia. I offer as a Marriage Celebrant

   * Professional, friendly, and personalized service.
   * Guidance and assistance, which I will take you through your ceremony.
   * Lodging of your Notice of Intended Marriage Form, Legal documentation, and registration of your marriage.
   * Free rehearsal
   * I will travel to all locations North, South, East, or West eg. Beaches, Chapels, Houseboat, Gardens, rivers, Hot air balloon, etc.
   * Wonderful memories, which will last forever.

As your Marriage Celebrant, I will help you with the content of your ceremony, or you could write the entire ceremony yourself or with the help from loved ones. Whatever it is you are after, I will give you information and all the advice, which will help you to create a beautiful ceremony. I am available if you do require any assistance.

As a marriage celebrant I understand your wedding is a day, you will remember for the rest of your life, so let’s make it one that you will never forget. We will take our time in designing your wedding ceremony. As a civil marriage celebrant I  will allow you to choose your wedding location, be it in a beautiful garden full of roses, beach wedding where the waves are hitting softly against the sand, an old church, a chapel in the country, a park, house boat on the river, or even a wharf.  Wherever you choose, it is up to you. It is your wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony can be as long or as short as you both would like. In it, you can include poems, music, readings, cultural or symbolic symbols if you wish. Family and friends can also take part in the ceremony. Every ceremony has its own charm, and I consider it an honor and privilege to be part of your wonderful wedding day.

I strongly believe in providing a very personal touch to your wedding. Between ourselves, we can create a very romantic, personal, intimate, and relaxed ceremony. Your wedding ceremony is about you and your partner, and your wedding day to share together, with family and friends, a day, which will be treasured forever. You can write your own wedding vows or I can help with samples.

I will help and assist you with the arranging of your special place to be married.

A naming ceremony can help to welcome a child into the family, to relatives and to their wider community of friends.

As a civil celebrant, I will provide families with an opportunity to welcome their child into the world with their loving friends and family  with a naming ceremony.  I will help you to prepare a naming ceremony, which is worded exactly as you want it.  This naming ceremony will deepen the relationship with family, friends, godparents, or mentors, so they will become more aware of their responsibilities with your child.

A name giving ceremony is an opportunity to express your joy; your little one has to offer.  Family and friends can express their feelings by taking part of the naming ceremony.  They can write a poem, light a candle, plant a tree, release butterflies, read favourite bedtime rhythms or even release balloons.

This naming ceremony is not a christening or baptism, as they are religious.  This naming ceremony will in no way stop the child from making any future religious or non-religious commitments.  In the naming ceremony, I will state, it is they duty of everyone taking place, in the following years the child will be presented to a wide view of life and encourage to their virtues of integrity, honesty, concern, fairness, and especially love towards other human beings.

A certificate will be prepared for their child, godparent, mentor, or guardian.

Commitment ceremonies are for couples who wish to declare their love for one another publicly, in front of family and friends, without the need to commit into a legal marriage.

As a celebrant, I know and understand how the relationship is between the owner and pet are.  You have a unique and wonderful friendship that only you can share with your pet and what a better way to show how much your pet meant to you by having a pet funeral.

In my opinion, all boats need names and a boat naming ceremony is the only way to go, as you would not want to insult the God’s of the sea.