Allovest Advisory Services, LLC educates, engages, and inspires men and women to take an active role in planning and investing today so they can live their retirement dreams tomorrow.  

In fact, studies show that the more knowledgable people are about their finances, the better decisions they make with their money, and the higher their return.  There are also other favorable benefits with increased financial literacy, such as greater confidence in one's financial future, lower stress levels, higher productivity at work and increased satisfaction with marital relationships.

Allovest Wealth Management, a division of Allovest Advisory Services was founded to show people how to connect their wealth with their most heartfelt values, relationships, interests and goals. We believe that knowledge is power, and educate our clients one-­‐on-­‐one so they can gain the confidence in knowing their financial future is stable and on track.

As an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm, we adhere to the highest legal and ethical standard of practice – the fiduciary standard -­‐ which ensures that the advice we give is fully aligned with our clients’ best interests. “Puffing our clients first” is not just a tagline, it’s what we do. And we do not charge commissions and there are no hidden fees – We do not accept commissions, kickbacks, or any other type of compensation that is not disclosed on our ADV Form on file with the SEC. We are a 100% fee-­‐based firm and all costs are fully transparent.

Our investment philosophy is that of broad diversification, low costs and appropriate levels of risk. We manage portfolios based on what we call the “art and science of investing” — where the “art” comes from understanding future global economic trends and tactically adjusting portfolios for the best opportunities, while the “science” comes from understanding past market behavior and strategically positioning our clients for long-­‐term success.