The vision of All Peoples Church is to be salt and light in the city of Bangalore and a voice to the nation of India and to the nations.

We are committed to sharing Christ with all people, reaching people of all nations and living together as a family. Starting with our home city of Bangalore, we desire to become a church that brings the love and power of Jesus to cities, towns, and villages around the world.

All Peoples Church is in essence a family church, a training and equipping centre and world outreach. We desire that each member build strong, Christ-centered relationships with other members in the body. We want to see each member mature towards Christlikeness. And we desire that many men and women of God be raised up in the church and released into their ministries whether locally within the church, to our city, to the nation or to the nations of this world. At APC, every believer is a minister!

Above all, at All Peoples Church our focus is Jesus. We do not gather around a human person or a personality. Our love for Jesus reigns supreme in our lives. We believe that All Peoples Church is not the work of a man, it is not the work of an organization or a denomination, but it is the work of the Spirit of the living God.

Our purpose at All Peoples church is to share Jesus with people, establish them in His family, enable them to celebrate His presence, mature them into Christlikeness, and equip them for their God-appointed ministry.

As a church we emphasize:
Worship – Celebrating God and His presence.
Fellowship – Living together as a family.
Discipleship – Maturing into Christlikeness through the Word and the Spirit.
Evangelism – Sharing Jesus with people locally and globally.
Ministry – Each member fulfilling their God-appointed function in the Body of Christ