All Stars Fundraising was founded to assist local and national athletic cheer organizations raise money in these tough economic times.  Most traditional fundraising goals fall short due to the limited resources available in the organization, mainly support staff.  Our consultants provide an extention to your current fundraising team allowing you to do more for less. We have the tools to help teams succeed with email campaigns, fundraiser events and online social networks.

All Stars Fundraising will match merchants ready to support you, allowing you to provide a discount card that benefits your contributors.  Our seamless program allows you to sell your cards online, rather than door to door, all with no upfront cost. We also have an extensive online network of name brand products providing discounts just for our members. All brought to you through your online account.

The combination of our products, service and established network creates a All Stars environment for successful fundraising.  If you have any questions regarding our company or our products please feel free to email us through the contact form or call us.