Allstate Fund is operated by Loan Dev Products Inc as a wholesale fulfillment center for commercial loan products.

Our flagship software Comtrac was written by our Principle to facilitate this process in an efficient and practical manner across any number of Affiliates or Preferred Referral Partners. This software is now available as a .NET Client Server application in the cloud meaning that every party to every loan transaction is now connected to the same information.

Allstate Fund and Loan Dev Products has paid the price for this success in that the commercial loan business has been tumultuous and convoluted. Bringing sanity to this process is a primary goal, every day, for the executive staff of the firm.

What is the key to successfully funding commercial real estate loans, business loans or financing small business startups in California? The answer is certainly about local market knowledge. We’ll give you a few examples of why this will plays in to the overall strategy behind how you should approach the sometimes daunting dilemma.

Although you would spend a lot of time with national lenders that would have to take the time to research the local area and viability of your business plan you could combine your business plan with local area knowledge in California into one contact.

The easiest simplest way to measure the effectiveness of your plan is to use our executive summary form. Using this form will allow direct contact with underwriters who in turn have direct contact with major local lending institutions. In many markets, because of our local area of the California markets, Allstate Fund would likely have local private or regional contacts.

If this sounds appealing  we certainly encourage you to prepare an executive summary. If you need help preparing an executive summary then please use our submission form which will start the process very effectively.

Although Allstate Fund operates nationally it is our preference to operating key local markets that have provided the highest employment rates, the largest investor base, and consequently greater chances of success.

Small business loans, business financing, startup business financing, energy financing, private financing, conventional financing and cause I stated loan products are readily available in most major population centers of 100,000 persons are greater. California specific loans are certainly in the greatest demand. Did you know that the vast majority of commercial loans that are undertaken in the United States occur in California? There is a reason.

Although there are many good reasons why California dominates the commercial real
loan and business loan marketplace, this also brings hyper competitiveness and an inadequate local knowledge from the national lenders. What this means to you is that choosing a national lender will provide marginal results in best and many times no results at worse.

We invite you to contact Allstate Fund for your transaction requirements. We are certainly here to help and welcome the opportunity to help you size up your loan request or business loan request and give you a fair assessment of the products and procedures that would need to be followed or acquired.