All Stuff Web – Your Ultimate Guide on How to Create a WordPress Website for Free. We Will Also Cover SEO With WordPress, Social Media and Monetizing your site.

We start by explaining exactly what WordPress is from the inside, out. By delving into the WordPress Dashboard, we get the feel for the Capabilities WordPress has and for how powerful of a platform it really is. In the “WordPress Dashboard Dissection”, we will cover all the different modules and options you have, as well as a list of suggested WordPress plugins and Widgets. Also, depending on what type of website you want to build with WordPress, we will go into detail with a list of suggested themes to use, or at least places where you can get easily customize-able WordPress themes.

After We’ve looked into the back-end of WordPress, we will look into choosing a Domain Name for your Website (or Small Business) and a list of suggested WordPress Hosting Services for your Website. Once the Hosting Service and Domain are chosen, we will go into detail on How to Install WordPress, What Theme to Install (depending on what you want your site to look like), What Plugins to Install (depending, again, on what features you would like your WordPress Website to have), and which widgets to set up on your WordPress Website.

After we’ve set up your Website using WordPress, I will show you how to expand your online presence by submitting your website to HUNDREDS of search engines for free (you shouldn’t believe those guys that say submitting to search engines costs money…) and how to optimize your WordPress Website to gain rankings in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Search Engine Optimization may sound like a big, scary thing, but in real life, Search Engine Optimization is EASY for WordPress Websites, and Ranking your WordPress Website on Google and Yahoo is alot easier than the ‘experts’ make it sound. For Example; I’ve ranked a 2 month old site using “HIGH COMPETITION” keywords on Google to spot #3, and this is a search term that gets 64,000 searches a month and has 3,070,000 other results on Google. I will show you how you can do the same and even provide you with some free tools which you can use for the same effect.

After we’ve Optimized your website for Visitors and Traffic, we will look at Monetizing your WordPress Website using Ads or Affiliate links; we will look at optimizing your Traffic to get rid of the ‘extra’ visitors… i.e. the visitors that are *useless*. Yes, Traffic is a GOOD thing, but useless traffic is USELESS, so we will look into how you can make sure that each visitor that visits your site finds whatever it is he/she is looking for.

In the end, you will know how to register a domain, which hosting to get for your WordPress installation, How to Install WordPress, How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Search Engines, How to Monetize your WordPress Website Using Ads and Affiliate Links, and How to Optimize your Traffic to increase Conversions.