allthings.io came about because we were fed up trying to organise our busy lives, both from a professional and social perspective…let’s face it, some of us are better at it than others!

There are many ‘productivity’ apps out there (trust us, we’ve probably tried them all!) but there was no one app that ticked all of our boxes: they were either too simplistic, overly complicated, plain ugly or hard to use!

We love lists, everyone likes to write a list, so we made a really easy to use list sharing app that can be used on any web enabled device, syncs with the cloud, looks great and most importantly…. something you actually want to use.

We’re convinced that once you try it, you’ll want to continue to use it. We’ve had such great feedback on what we’ve done already that we’re setting up a community group for our users to allow them to share their great ideas on how they use allthings.io to help make their lives better!