Alltrust is unlike many organizations that primarily focus on your products. Our culture is passionately focused on the human aspect of an organization. It has taken years to nurture and develop, but is the basis for our 97% client persistency rate. We consider ourselves individual fingerprints, that when connected, create a strong helping hand for your organization. Whether you need a hand to guide you, support you, or cheer you on, we are who you need us to be. We have a relentless passion for everything that touches your human capital, a passion that results in productivity, profitability, and execution. We may each have our own fingerprint, but with you, we are ‘All In.’.’

•Benefit and Health Plan Design & Management
•Legal & Compliance
•Productivity & Engagement
•Wellness & Benchmarking
•Reporting & Analytics
•Communication & Enrollment
•Technology Selection & Execution