AllyHealth is a national telemedicine expert.  Founded in 2011, AllyHealth is a telemedicine consultant and administrator that serves mid-market, small group and individual market sectors.  We offer solutions that are designed to help lower healthcare costs, increase productivity, expand access, and improve outcomes.

AllyHealth has developed a telemedicine solution based on the unique needs of our clients that maximizes results.  Our plans are designed and tailored to maximize savings, participation, and utilization for our clients and members. Our unique focus on the mid-market, small group, and individual market sector allows us to provide our clients with the most competitive pricing and the most relevant plan designs, built on the best platforms in the industry.

We an integrated solution that provides maximum value to our clients.  We have developed a management process that ensures the greatest return on investment and ease of implementation.  What sets us apart in the industry is our focus on superior service after the sale and client success.  AllyHealth is committed to creating easier, more convenient, and less expensive access to great health and wellness services that result in a healthier population. We strive to save our clients time and money and to deliver results successfully and transparently.  In short, we pledge to be the best telehealth and wellness partner for our clients.