The “be Clarked” professional luxury hair care line was created by Celebrity Stylist Clark Russell, with an official launch in January 2011. After years of working with various hair care products as a salon owner, salon stylist and red carpet stylist Clark wanted to create a product line that would be universal, be economical, be reliable and be attractive to stylists and consumers alike. Stemming from his belief that at the end of the day, hair is one’s greatest accessory and it should always look and feel great, Clark Russell developed his first eleven universal core products.

Because of the vast clientele with differing hair types, conditions and ethnic backgrounds in Clark Russell’s experience as a hair care professional, the be Clarked line was developed to work on any hair, no matter the texture or ethnicity. Our shampoos and conditioners are designed to maintain and improve the health of the scalp and hair as well as protect hair and maintain its integrity. All of the shampoos are sulfate free, sodium chloride free and paraben free to maintain color and chemically treated hair. Our conditioners are infused with unique blends of vitamins, botanical, and proteins to give amazing conditioning results. The be Clarked styling products not only maintain the health and integrity of the hair and scalp but also give versatile styling support.
As a business owner and Celebrity Stylist on the go, Clark Russell designed the be Clarked products to perform more than a singular function. Each product doubles not only as a protectant, but does more than one styling function. The multi-functional products keep clutter and costs down for the client and the stylist on the go.
As a salon owner, Clark Russell created be Clarked to be for the stylists and salons. The be Clarked line takes measures to make sure that our products are never diverted. We also stand behind our product line and make every opportunity to keep our salons and stylists educated to increase sales and trend knowledge.
The be Clarked line will always keep on top of trends in hair care and packaging to keep your clients hair and retail opportunities looking attractive. Our goal is to make the be Clarked brand look as amazing as your clients who use it. Learn more at www.beclarked.com