In 2017, as a couple we decided to commit to a lifestyle change – to eat healthy and redefine our relationship with food. We wanted to take back control over our bodies and not see food as the enemy. We were convinced we could find ways to eat nutritious meals and still enjoy favorite foods.

The first hurdle was our love of pasta, a staple in many of our favorite dishes, but way too high in carbs (one cup is 37-43 grams) and low in protein. We initially found some options, but their questionable ingredients, strange smells, and still high carb counts were a big disappointment. They just didn’t hit the mark.

This dilemma resulted in taking matters into our own hands and embark on a pursuit to create the perfect pasta. We performed hundreds of experiments using different ingredients until we discovered the remarkable power of almond flour. We just kept trying, tweaking, and tasting. The result is Almond Love With Pasta – a healthy pasta that is low in carbs, high in protein, has great texture, and deliciously made with quality ingredients. We fell in love with this pasta and hope you will too!