Aloft Services is a Chicago-based Mold Inspection and Testing company that is certified by the Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization (MICRO), and serves residential and commercial properties throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our clients include prospective home buyers, home sellers, remediation companies, apartment tenants, realtors, commercial building managers, environmental companies and the like.

Aloft's Industry-Certified Mold Inspectors are qualified to perform on-site visual inspections as well as Indoor Air Quality Testing. Aloft's inspectors are also certified to collect mold samples from affected areas using a variety of media, including tape lifts, swabs, and contents removal (bulk sampling). In addition, samples are always hand-delivered to a local AIHA-accredited laboratory the same day they are collected in order to ensure a fast turnaround. Lab Results are typically received within 48 hours, but same day analysis is also available if expedited service is necessary

Due to a perceived conflict of interest, Aloft Services does not perform any remediation or abatement services, but is happy to recommend certified companies who can. Although we do not participate in the remediation process, Aloft frequently renders testing services at properties pre- and/or post-remediation (clearance testing).